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I hope the team is still active... their twitter is deleted and their patreon is inactive, which makes me fear they won't come back.

i really hope they do

I have a quick suggestion for Story Mode, when you fight Toni, she has a different outfit for each character, making each run just that slight bit more unique.  That and it's also funny.

how do you beat level one



As someone who really enjoys Tetris Attack, I feel the cursor movement and the row shifting sounds to be too muted and leave a stale atmosphere between making matches.

While Playing the latest version (0.8.2) on windows, i've encountered a bug.

While playing as Noods, my grey card will sometimes have an X and be detrimental to me. 

Is this intended behavior?

some cards will hurt yourself so you gotta be careful which combo you trigger before you use your coins.

It would be nice if there was a gallery to see all the win/lose screens.

What do I do when there aren't enough of any suit on my board to do anything?

wdym? there's always at least one suit that has at least 5 of itself on the board, not counting coins.

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Story mode is really good! and june is done well in my opinion! But I have experienced using the nude mode. Once I lost it softlocks me on the take it off screen, and all I can do is close the game. If needed i am on windows 

Oh right, you can only remove an article that is currently being worn... my bad, I'll fix that in the next update.

sooo, how do you get the green star emblems?

you exchange them by going to june

Emerald Star Emblems can be earned in story mode, but you can also trade them with june, and you get 10 for performing an all-clear in any mode (including casual).

sooo, are the sex cut scenes in the game or are they planned to be added

Será que el juego se puede pasar a Android


why do I get the feeling that there could be a SFW console version of this game?

Because there already was one in 1992/1993: Yoshi's Cookie.

No story, and just Mario, Yoshi, Peach, and Bowser. (There was also a Puzzle mode on the SNES designed by Alexey Pajitnov, and an Action mode that won't make it into this.)

Is there any estimate date on when v8.0.0 will be released to the public?

It's not done yet, but we're aiming to have it released by Valentine's Day (a bit cliché, but it's better to have a cliché deadline than none at all).

Y'all still expecting to have it ready?


February will not end without story mode being publicly accessible.

hells yeah gettin me excited can't wait to see the personalities behind some of these characters!

Glad to hear that! Can't wait to see what you guys have in store!

Catboi next please!!! 

is this rlly fully censored?

No, the game is uncensored - we just save the NSFW stuff for the game itself!

Happy New year

so any further news on the full release?

Nothing I do causes the cursor to move

Sorry, there was a bug in this build that caused keyboard to be unavailable in 1p mode. A patch is coming later today.

Thank you very much It's a very well-made game and I wish I could play it

controls are completely unresponsive in a match, i can only exit to main menu. no controls will work regardless if im on Dual mode or Key mode

Sorry, there was a bug in this build that caused keyboard to be unavailable in 1p mode. A patch is coming later today.

Lovely, thanks

so when ill it be the full release? aprox


v1.0.0 is projected to be released by the end of the year. We got a couple of playable characters left to finish, and we're making some big breakthroughs on story mode that we'll be sharing next month.


I found a glitch: when on the y2k or 1998 control modes, and you press space + arrow keys (not wasd), it will move the tiles by two spaces instead of one. Also the intended behavior of the arrows in these modes is not really documented. I think a more convenient control scheme might be to allow the arrows to either flick+move or flick in-place depending on space/another toggle button.

Another minor problem, in the browser the esc key exits fullscreen mode, so it isn't ideal as a "back" button. Maybe add an alternate back button (I like z/x as accept/back)

Thanks! Today's patch fixes the double-flick bug (now the arrow keys behave the same as WASD), and it adds J and X as back keys as well. We'll take note of that control thing - an array of Y2K-style flick buttons might be an interesting play style.


This is so much fun!!! The puzzle is seriously addicting especially in versus mode, and the characters and setting are cute & fun

Is there going to be Android Version for Flick club?

We're not currently targeting mobile, but never say never.


This game is surprisingly really fun! Ain't much into puzzles but this is actually really cool!
wish i had someone to play it with tho ngl

really good but hear me out, what if u culd play it online. like, online versus, wuld be pretty pog in my opinion

Played the game once and only once because it stopped working from then on anyone know why?


Ok so game is good love it a lot, but is it really 18+ if you can turn nsfw off?

Deleted 277 days ago

Yeah I didn't see that part. btw I was loading the game up but now it doesn't work you know why?


Ok when I try the browser version or the windows version, my mouse goes behind the game and I can't click anything. Am I doing something wrong?

The cursor is hidden in this game, since mouse support is not yet implemented (only gamepad and keyboard so far).


in steam ?

We'll eventually be bringing our games to Steam, once they're sufficiently complete - FLICK CLUB will likely be later this year.


This demo is amazing. honestly as is it could very well be a stand alone arcade game. the gameplay look is adictive, and even without the NSFW aspects the game feels extremely rewarding to play! only problem is that there's not much to keep you coming back but i reckon the campain will solve that. great game 10/10. (on a more personal note, i love the inclusion of Skye as a trans woman, this kind of representation is just pure gold :D I'd support the team if i could but i did spread the word about the game haha. thanks <3)

i forgot to add that a cool thing would be some thinner or semi transparent strike FX for that competitive edge haha


Why does the mac version of the game request input monitoring permissions?

Is this a Catalina thing? I've been holding steadfast to 10.14, so I'm not too familiar with how it performs on the current OS.


Finally noticed this updated, and I gotta admit I really liked the old character art style better.


We played Flick Club and Noods tonight on Dat Shorts Review! These games are sexy, slick and need your horny energy!


The hentai content is bare minimum in this one and the gameplay so far is extremely repetitive (and unrewarding). Consider adding powerups, levels and rewards, different erotic poses, more sexualized appearances to the characters, sound effects. Also there's a bug where their faces disappear instead of there being a reward, total mood killer. lol. Otherwise, a nice looking and working game, just not that much of a game nor hentai to it. Failure state???


The lewd content on display in this demo is just the tip of the iceberg - we have a story mode in the works where the post-match results go beyond stripping, with full-screen artwork.

Also, thanks for the heads up - we are working on a fix for the face removal bug that should be available soon.


Trans gals represent! 👍

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Out of all games that I expected to see turned into a strip game, Yoshi's Cookie was not on the list, yet I'm glad to see it happen regardless. Will there be any male characters, or will it be all female and trans characters?


That's to be determined - I know who the 6th character is gonna be, but the other 2 are a mystery, as is the actual number of characters in the final game (more support/budget = more characters).


This is like too good to be a porn game. I love the characters and stuff but I can't really get anything out of them since I'm too busy trying to figure out how to play the game. 

Haha, I'll take that as a compliment. Two of the things that we want to add at some point are a more robust tutorial, and some sort of single player campaign that builds the characters up some more - no time table for those, but they are in the works.


fun gameplay, cute artstyle, AND the inclusion of trans characters? you've already won me over with a tiny demo c:

also curious about the song that plays during a match - it's genuinely pretty catchy lmao


That's Groovy Cabriolet Ride, by StudioBEES. Since this started out as a single-person project, I pretty much went on a stock music shopping spree to flesh out the audio.

Great art, Great Music, Great Gameplay too !
Honestly for a pre-release that very cool. 

I'm curious about the finish game.

Thanks! Not to sound glib, but I'm curious about what the finished product is gonna look like too.

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